I’m Michael 23 Years from Switzerland; I went for a half Year to Jamaica to learn English.

When I arrived in Kingston everything was new for me, the language, the culture and the people.

Fortunately, I had a contact person in Jamaica that helped me to find accommodation and an English school. That was how I made contact with The Language Cradle. I was surprised by how fast, the application process went by.

TLC is centrally located and easily accessible to various places such as banks, restaurants and to public transportation.

My English instructor and the other staff members at TLC were very friendly and professional. The lessons were very exciting and instructive. My teacher helped me to motivate myself again and again to learn English, which wasn’t easy for me at the start. I also enjoyed the class trips to the museums or to the beach.

I learnt a lot in 3 months and was able to explore the beautiful Jamaica on my own. My English became very well. I am able to understand English and I am now confident when speaking more than I ever thought possible.

I recommended anybody wanting to learn the English language to go to TLC in Jamaica.

I would like to thank the whole TLC team. I had a great time learning English while enjoying Jamaica.

-Michael Müller


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