Nadine Boothe-Gooden MSc., BA, T.E.F.L, Dip.Ed. Principal

At THE LANGUAGE CRADLE we offer a warm Jamaican welcome to all our students; both local and international.

Our aim is to equip persons with the necessary communication tolls that foster cross-cultural interaction, be it for business or pleasure.

At TLC we provide a confidence building environment, where students make fast progress learning individually or in small groups. Our students can experience a teaching approach that integrates cultural experiences with language learning.

Make us your number one choice for language learning as we help you transcend the boundaries of communication.



                                      Natalee Nomdarkhom
                                   Administrative Assistant


Suite 942, 9th Floor, Regus, Panjam Building, 60 knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5. Tel: +(876)618-8822 / +(876)337-9666

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